There is flour and flour. We have them all.

Since 1705, from generation to generation, our way of working has evolved in the name of experimentation and innovation. Listening to the needs of professionals, we have developed flours that are considered excellent, and today we are an industrial reality capable of milling almost 450 tons of soft wheat per day, almost exclusively Italian.

Milling art experience, wheat knowledge, making-flour culture. Family passion.

Molino Naldoni: Honoring the Artistry of Traditional Italian Flour

Step into the realm of Molino Naldoni, where the fusion of timeless traditions and contemporary expertise brings forth extraordinary Italian flour products. Embedded in a heritage deeply interwoven with the art of flour milling, Molino Naldoni stands as a symbol of quality, flavor, and authenticity in the world of cuisine.

The Legacy Unveiled

Rooted in generations of knowledge, Molino Naldoni carries forward an ancestral legacy of mastery in flour milling. Emerged from the heart of Italy, our journey commenced as a modest family endeavor, evolving into a distinguished name synonymous with premium flour products. The reverence for heritage and dedication to modern innovation propels us to consistently refine our methods, all while preserving the essence of proven practices.

Crafting Exemplary Work

Embark on an exploration of our website and unveil a diverse spectrum of flour varieties, each meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requisites of bakers, chefs, and culinary enthusiasts. Molino Naldoni's unwavering commitment to excellence manifests through the uniformity, texture, and taste of our flours. Whether it's the luxuriant softness of cake flour or the rustic allure of whole wheat flour, every product serves as a testimony to our relentless pursuit of perfection.

Culling the Supreme Grains

In the world of Molino Naldoni, the quest for exceptional flour commences with the curation of the finest grains. Our team diligently sources grains from trusted local farmers, ensuring that only the utmost quality wheat and cereals find their way into our mills. This commitment to impeccable ingredients forms the bedrock of flours that consistently deliver outstanding results in every culinary venture.

The Union of Innovation and Tradition

While steeped in the traditions of yore, Molino Naldoni also embraces the spirit of innovation. Our cutting-edge milling facilities seamlessly integrate age-old methods with contemporary technology, giving rise to flours that encapsulate the essence of timeless flavors while accommodating the demands of modern cooking techniques. This harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation positions us as pioneers in the realm of flour milling.

A Universe of Culinary Prospects

As the layers of our website unfold, you'll be introduced to a realm of culinary prospects that our flours unveil. From delicate confections to hearty breads, our flours empower both adept chefs and home cooks to conceive dishes that mirror their ardor and creativity. With Molino Naldoni as your guiding star, the culinary expedition transforms into a canvas for self-expression, guided by the most esteemed Italian flour.

Enlist in Our Flourishing Community

We extend a cordial invitation to immerse yourself in the Molino Naldoni experience and uncover the richness inherent in our flour repertoire. Whether you're a professional pursuing consistency and eminence or an aspiring home baker seeking authentic Italian flavors, our flours are meticulously designed to elevate your gastronomic ventures. Become an integral part of our ever-expanding community of flour aficionados and encounter the taste of genuine craftsmanship.

Molino Naldoni – Bridging Traditions with Flour Innovation. Your culinary masterpiece commences its journey here.


This flour is obtained by the mixture of type “00” flours with a good quantity of proteins and gluten and it is ideal for the preparation of pizzas with medium leavening times, even with a high hydration. It allows to achieve a soft and well-workable dough. This flour is excellent in the preparation of biga starters and poolish and it can be mixed with the reground durum wheat semolina.


It is excellent for the production of leavening bases, such as biga starters, "poolish" and sourdough starters. This flour has an elevated strength and it is ideal for soffiate and bread with soft dough.


Flour with an elevated strength and very extensible thanks to the high protein content; it is excellent for every dough that, other than the sugar load, has to sustain the fat and fruit load.


Very strong flour with a high content of glutenin and gliadins. It is characterised by a high stability during the kneading stage and it allows to reach high hydration levels and big air loads. Thus it is studied for the big-sized leavened products.

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