Working along with the professionals of the Horeca industry has allowed ILSA to create a wide assortment of products designed, engineered and manufactured to last and be highly functioning and performative, all embodied in a safe industrial environment. The challenge ahead of us is to keep manufacturing and innovating while remaining “a company with an artisan core”.


Since april 2004 ILSA has been awarded with the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 The high-quality standard of the materials used in the productive processes and the strict test that all of ILSA products undergo before being distribute on the market, grant the reliability of the ILSA brand and highlight ILSA professionalism as manufacturer and supplier of professional equipment and kitchenware. ILSA constant effort on suppling the highest-quality products and offering the best service to all of the customers is the cornerstone of the company ever since its foundation in 1946, as it is its capability to innovate and reinvent while always cherishing the tradition and the needs of the customers.


At ILSA, research and innovation are made available to the experts of the HO.RE.CA. sector, meeting and responding to their various needs and requirements. Working in close contact with its sales and marketing teams, ILSA’s technical department works with constancy and dedication to elaborate, design, and develop products that respond to the needs of customer demands and market trends. ILSA has always invested its efforts and resources in studying new designs, shapes, and functions, paying special attention to the utilization of high-quality materials in order to achieve high performance products.

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