HENDI - Tools for Chefs

HENDI is the supplier of cooking equipment, kitchen tools, cutlery, serving and buffet items for the hospitality industry. Since its foundation in 1934, HENDI has grown into an international company with offices in the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Greece, Italy and Hong Kong.

HENDI's core activities are the development, production, sale and distribution of a wide range of catering supplies and kitchen equipment.

HENDI stands for:

  • wide range
  • affordable quality
  • client-oriented service
  • delivery from stock
  • knowledge of user requirments

HENDI delivers exclusively through dealers, wholesalers and catering equipment webshops.

More than 4000 articles

The assortment consists of more than 4000 articles that have been put together for the professional catering market. Whether it concerns basic material or specialist articles, HENDI can offer you a total package in every situation and knows what the professional user is looking for.

HENDI supplies kitchen tools, deep fryers, buffet items, electrical and gas appliances, small kitchen appliances, serving utensils, porcelain and cutlery, among other things.

Product development

As a supplier of non-food catering products, HENDI continuously develops innovative products and solutions that are tailored to the wishes and quality requirements of the users. Aspects such as 'more efficient', 'more hygienic' and 'affordable quality' play a major role in this. Even after the introduction of products, HENDI will continue to work on improvements according to feedback from the market.

Our products are largely developed and designed in-house. This guarantees the highest possible quality. The products are manufactured in strictly selected factories all over the world. In all cases, our own people take care of the management and quality control of the production process. Many products are produced in China. Due to scale, the logistics process has also been optimized.

Short delivery times
HENDI has a large logistics center in the Netherlands. In addition, the branches in Poland, Austria, Romania, Greece and the United Kingdom each have their own warehouses. Thanks to this large storage capacity, HENDI is able to deliver almost every product from our catalogue from stock and Hendi guarantees short delivery times.

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