Modular Cooking Systems

Exclusive Design for Hotels, Events and Catering

Ventadesign is developed in Berlin, produced in Europe, and is sold world wide.

Büchin Design developed an elegant buffet furniture range for the high demands of the hotel industry and for exclusive events. It is equipped with a range of technical features to keep dishes hot or cold.

We offer exclusive buffet tables with integrated devices, which are installed below the table-top and are almost invisible. The need for a clean and clear table surface is not affected by this functionality.

Our VENTA buffet tables are meticulously designed, down to the smallest detail. They have an elegant and high-quality design, but also have a level of flexibility and functionality that allows them to meet the diverse requirements of the hotel, events and catering industry. The buffet tables can be assembled and disassembled in just a few simple steps and without the need for any tools. Thanks to the sophisticated trolley system, the buffet tables can be transported and stored in even the smallest spaces.

In addition to their functionality, the emphasis is also on the exclusive and elegant design of our VENTA buffet tables. We have applied a modern design to our exclusive buffet furniture, giving it a stylish and high-quality appearance, and concealing how flexible, versatile and practical it is.

Foldable, stackable or modular systems

All VENTA furniture has special features that make our exclusive products distinctive and unique. Each individual product was designed as a foldable, stackable or modular system, so our high-quality furniture can always be securely stored, taking up very little space.

All VENTA furniture is put together without the use of any tools

A matching trolley system is available for all VENTA furniture items, where the table parts can be stacked individually and secured in place against one another.

All VENTA furniture is put together without the use of any tools and there are no parts that can get lost. The connecting elements between the table frame and table-top are always made of stainless steel and are produced using high-precision lathes. The consistent quality of our products is ensured through regular physical controls.

VENTA products are designed as foldable, stackable or modular systems, enabling our furniture to be stored securely and using very little space. We also offer additional equipment for many VENTA products to make them even more simple and convenient to manage. All foldable tables can be equipped with rollerskates, for example. This enables the buffet tables to be moved around the room quickly and easily without having to carry them or take them apart and put them together again.

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