Hurakan is a brand under which a wide assortment of quality equipment for a professional kitchen is produced. The equipment of Hurakan is produced by the largest enterprises of China, which earned professional prestige all over the world.

In the formation of the assortment range, our employees with many years of experience take part: designers, marketing and sales specialists, engineers of the installation and service center, the chef. Before we introduce the new unit of Hurakan equipment into the assortment, we carry out marketing research and identify the needs of the European market.

The employees of the installation and service center conduct technical examination of the equipment samples. Further, we transfer the best, according to our experts, equipment to operating kitchens of network restaurant projects for testing it in real production conditions.

As a result, taking into account the elimination of identified shortcomings, the equipment is ordered at the manufacturer. As a result, we offer Hurakan - a brand of professional kitchen equipment with an optimal ratio of price and quality. This equipment really works in accordance with the declared characteristics and helps our clients build their business.

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