Professional Kitchens for Restaurateurs

Tecnoinox is an Italian manufacturing company that offers an complete range of modular kitchens, professional ovens and salamanders for catering. Active since 1984, Tecnoinox takes care of the complete production cycle, from the steel sheet to the finished product to ensure maximum quality.


Time is an important factor in Tecnoinox’s success, which is the result of over 35 years of staying abreast of the latest technological developments, acquiring direct experience with the product, and paying attention and responding to the demands of the market.

Tecnoinox operations begin with the processing of stainless steel as an outside contractor.
This experience soon leads to the production of the company’s first models of SALAMANDERS.

1998: Tecno60 and Tecno65

The new Snack line. Tecnoinox enters the world of small food service by developing a new modular snack line.

2001: Tecno70

Thanks to the market success of the snack line, Tecnoinox develops Tecno70 and thus enters the field of medium sized food service.

2005: Tecno90

Tecnoinox successfully introduces Tecno90 completing a product range that can satisfy any customer.

2009: Tecno74

The new Tecno74 design brings greater flexibility to the Tecnoinox range, introducing a whole line of 70 cm deep and
40 cm wide units which can be combined with the Tecno90 island.

2011: Professional Combi Ovens

TECNOCOMBI, TECNOBAKE and TECNOSNACK: a full range of ovens that are Tecnoinox’ latest response to a market demanding technology, programming, energy savings and quality, and also simplicity and user-friendliness.

2015: MOSAICO: the compact central cooking island

Tecnoinox reinvents modularity and presents a new concept
of compact central island

2016 : Forno TAP

TAP is the first Tecnoinox oven with a touch interface, designed to provide comprehensive solutions for everyday kitchen needs.

2017: TAP Pastry Oven

A touch of innovation for pastry chefs.

2019 : New Tecnocombi line
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